Thursday, 31 March 2016

Challenged!! - Days 29, 30 & 31

Well, I almost succeeded in blogging every day for a month :)

The last couple of days have flown by with me doing a lot of work which meant they've taken full advantage and have caught up on lots a little screen time. No.1 Son bought Boykin a subscription to Marvel comics which means he has access to 17,000 of them online. Consequently, Boykin has been catching up on his reading ;)

He did fond time for a bit of maths. He's still working on transformations and did some tessellation.

The Girl has been getting back into the swing of things with maths, music practice and Marvel comics. She's still cooking all the meals but hasn't been able to continue with her garden project due to weather, visiting and visitors.

We've had visitors every day for the last three days. There's been lots of playing out for them and cups of tea for me. It's been lovely seeing old friends again :)

Tomorrow, we're going to a local Home Ed craft group, so things are starting up again after the Easter holidays. It feels weird though that we have another week at least before all their non-HE classes and groups start up again. Although, it is quite nice having more days at home to be able to be more relaxed about life, just like when they were little :0)

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