Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Challenged!! Day 22

Today I got up in good time and cracked on with a new lapbook I am making. Boykin woke up first for a change and sat down to watch Horrible Histories while I finished what I was doing. By the time The Girl woke up, we had finished breakfast and had started maths.
Today he was continuing with enlargement, scale and area. We only did the lesson plan activities and will complete the page tomorrow. He really enjoyed it today. He had to use a map and measure distances between two points then convert that measurement to actual distance in km. From there he stretched and enlarged a boat on squared paper and then converted  lengths on a plan of a field to actual lengths according to the scale. He also used formulas for finding the area of the field.
The Girl was revising powers and roots.

Boykin then went on to the next lesson in Mystery Science which built on the work we had done a couple of weeks ago on pollination.

The Girl continued working on her Photoshop challenge from yesterday and Boykin did some artwork while I read The Story of the World: Volume 2 to them. Today, we read about Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan and the Mongol Empire. The activities suggest learning the opening of the poem Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge so I went off to see if I could find a copy. Instead, I came across Hysterically Historical poetry book , which nicely added to the bits of British history that we touched on last week (or was it the week before?) I'll definitely be using this again, the poems are chronological and funny - which always helps :)

I love how life sometimes ties things up neatly for our learning. This appeared in my Facebook newsfeed after lunch which links nicely to Mongolia, so we all watched it :) And then we watched a few more of the Mongolian music videos by Mathias Duplessy. Free-flowing from history to geography to music :)

Boykin decided to watch a documentary about aliens on the moon which he declared very fake, so he watched one about Stanley-something-to-do-with-Marvel-comics instead.

The Girl is currently working on her Arts Award stuff and has been to sort out her D of E volunteering today. Boykin is currently playing on Portal and it will soon be time for tea.

It's been a busy day really :)

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