Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Beach Art

We've just had a lovely weekend away with lovely friends in a lovely caravan at lovely Cayton Bay :0)
After what seems like weeks and weeks and weeks of nonstop rain, we were so HAPPY to get some sunshine. So now we're all ever so slightly red, ever so slightly baked and bursting with vitamin D :0) 
We never actually went down to Cayton Bay itself because we spent one afternoon on Bridlington beach and the next in Scarborough.
At Brid, the beach is full of pebbles, lots of which are beautifully smooth and white - just perfect for skimming :0) Or creating beautiful works of art.
Macra* - a Dr Who alien
a shark
A Merman
Scarborough. Just look at the colour of that sky :o) Gorgeous!!

We went to Peaseholm Park which will be 100 years old next year and rode on pedalos on the lake while listening to a youth wind orchestra playing on the bandstand in the middle of the lake.
We had a 'proper' seaside day, sandcastles, frisbee, donkey rides, paddling, ice-cream, walk on the prom, funfair rides, fish and chips, dangerous cliff walk, playground.....but best of all, we saw a TARDIS which made one small boy very, very happy :0D

*The macra art inspiration :o)

Thursday, 23 June 2011


I got them some 'How to draw...' type books from our local charity shop. They've come in so useful (to me) while they're listening to stories. I find it very distracting when they're fidgeting/jumping up and down on chairs/doing handstands next to my head/poking each other etc. Today, the Girl drew this beautiful butterfly on the letter to her penfriend while I started reading this month's book group book Coraline
by Neil Gaiman.

Book she used -