Friday, 11 March 2016

Challenged!! Day 11

We started the day with sewing. The Girl made another square for her patchwork quilt and I worked some more on the sewing machine cover that I am constructing. There were some new machines to try out today so The Girl got stuck in with those, exploring the fancy stitches and learning how to make buttonholes. We both had a go on the new overlocker and were both very excited about it. It's ace!

Afterwards, in the library, Boykin did some independent research on Queen Victoria and The Girl arranged a meeting about volunteering as part of her D of E. Boykin has downloaded a free app called Wobble It - Shake a Photo and he's been having great fun with it. The librarian thought his photos were hilarious, but I could've done without him showing her the one where he's made my nose look like a long pointy circling finger. It is funny though ;)

We came home and all made lunch together. They made dessert of banana and blueberry milkshakes for themselves and banana and blueberry yoghurt for me.

We read a chapter of The Story of the World v. 2 all about John Lackland and the Magna Carta. One of the activities is to make your own Magna Carta for your 'land' aka your bedroom. They both thoroughly enjoyed coming up with laws for their rooms and Boykin used Photoshop to make it look like his Great Charter was written on aged paper and old-fashioned text. The Girl did the same in Open Office.

Me and The Girl went outside to do some more work on the garden while Boykin did the next part of Mystery Science. He very much enjoyed the time lapse photography of plants sending out roots and shoots and confidently answered all the questions about why plants need light. He's obviously taken in all the stuff about photosynthesis that we looked at last week.

After tea, he decided he wanted to have a go at turning his phone into a hologram projector as shown in this video.

I have to say, it works really well. One bit of advice though, make sure the pieces of sellotape are very thin at the corners so that they don't obscure the image in the centre of each panel. It was a good opportunity to talk about shape (isosceles trapezium) and light (reflection). It's well worth giving it a go :)

Ooh! Boykin has just informed me that he has found an app to make your own hologram videos to go with his little viewer thingy. It's called 4vu(tm).  Gotta go and have a play methinks.

G'night xx

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