Sunday, 20 March 2016

Challenged!! Day 19 & 20

Another cheat post :/
Yesterday, they spent most of the day with their dad. Me and Boykin went to the theatre in the evening to see my dad in a play. It was really very funny :)
Today is Palm Sunday so we went to church where Boykin did some activities about Easter. We came home to a most delicious lunch made by The Girl. We had sausage casserole and crusty bread followed by ice cream which we ate in the garden in the glorious sunshine :)
Afterwards, we did some gardening together. I so love this time of year - the bulbs are up and the birds are singing but the trees are still pretty bare. The bareness allows lots of light into the garden and it seems so full of promise.
I took Boykin to the park so that he could ride his bike around and I got to admire the newly mulched beds and bulbs coming up there too :)
The Girl did some music practise and Boykin began to learn how to use Photoshop :)
Such fun :)

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