Thursday, 24 March 2016

Challenged!! Day 24

Boy! Have I been tired today :/ I had a broken night's sleep which is never conducive to calm, patient take-it-all-in-my-stride home edding. Grumpy groo mum :(

I got up and worked for a couple of hours before they got up. There was an extra one here today as one of their friends stayed over last night.

The Girl got on with her Arts Award stuff straight away and finished her music theory homework.
Boykin, me and Friend played 'City of Zombies' for maths practice today and read the next bit of his science book.

After lunch The Girl did some more algebra. Then the three of them played Mario Cart for a bit and made up some more stories on the plot generator that they'd been using yesterday.
They went to choir and watched The Simpsons when we came home.

Now it's bedtime.
G'night xx

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