Saturday, 12 March 2016

Challenged !! Day 12

No lie in this morning. We had to get up and out of the house pretty early for a Saturday morning to go and host a stall at the local Scout coffee morning. It's a big group with beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers. I'm not sure how much money was raised altogether but there didn't seem to be many people there. Such a shame :(

Ah well, it's a good opportunity to practise business skills and customer services :)

After lunch, we popped into town to do a bit of shopping. We walked along the canal tow-path for a change just to have a look at the boats. I bumped into some old friends who are living on a boat down there. They happily showed us the inside of their boat and answered all the kid's questions about life on a boat.

We went to the library where there was special event. They both made tiny books and learned how to turn books into hedgehogs.

We did some shopping, came home and did a few jobs before tea. We started watching the film version of Animal Farm but they were so disappointed with how different it was to the book that I don't think they watched more than 10 minutes of it. So now we're watching Pan .

See ya!


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