Thursday, 3 March 2016

Challenged!! - Day 3

Here I am on day 3 of  Boykin's challenge. I almost forgot.

Today both children did maths as usual and The Girl did some music practice. Boykin still hasn't practised his guitar since his lesson on Monday so I'll be chivvying him along with that tomorrow.

A friend's little 3 year old boy came to play today for an hour or so which meant the old wooden garage and cars came out. Much fun was had by all concerned. The Girl did some more gardening and sent some time with said little boy digging and playing with the rabbit. It's been a while since we last saw this little boy and he's gotten so articulate. Such a sweetie :)

After lunch it was dental appointments all round. The dentist has set Boykin a challenge. He has to find some healthy, sugar free desserts so that she can tell her other patients about them.

Both children went off with Nana then to visit a museum and to play in a park while I went tutoring. More maths for me ;)

Then it was choir, home, supper, another episode of The Waltons, the first chapter of Emil and the Detectives and bed.

Goodnight Boykin! Goodnight Girl!

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