Thursday, 10 March 2016

Challenged!! Day 10

I got up this morning at a much more appropriate time for all the work I have to do at the minute. I really enjoy the quiet of early mornings but I could still do with getting up a bit earlier, especially knowing that it won't be too long before those clocks spring forward again. I'm so looking forward to lighter evenings and warmer weather :)

First off was maths (compound growth and decay for one and more angles for the other). While The Girl had her Music Theory and cornet lesson, me and Boykin did the next part of his So You Really Want to Learn Science Book . He really enjoyed it today and we made a good guessing game using the branch/spider key activity in chapter 8. I think he's quite happy to move on from plants now.

After lunch, The Girl went out with Nana to meet her cousins and go to choir. Boykin got on with the next part of his Photography for Kids: Project-Based Beginner Photography The challenge was to take pictures of household objects. Here are some of his photos.

And my personal favourite :)

Later, he spent some time playing online with some friends from the village.

The Girl has been retrieved from choir and now it is time for supper and bed. We finished reading Animal Farm last night which lead to some interesting discussions on the various political standpoints. Both children got quite enraged at the behaviour of the pigs and the stupidity of the other animals. Poor Boxer! :( We also discussed propaganda past and present; Russian history; what might have happened next and what Snowball should have done.

I'm also reading Emil and the Detectives to Boykin, but he's so far not very impressed at all.

Right! I'm off to make supper now.

G'night xx

Photography for Kids: Project-Based Beginner Photography

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