Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Challenged!! Day 1

Boykin has challenged me to keeping a daily blog for a whole month. Let's see how far I get :)

Today has been fairly productive. Both children did some maths first thing - Boykin has finally finished Book 5A MEP maths and The Girl is steadily working her way through the CGP GCSE book. After that there was music practice - violin, guitar and cornet - and science. Boykin dissected a geranium flower and named all the parts. I also managed to read a couple of chapters of Animal Farm so we will (hopefully) have it finished and reviewed in time for next month's book group.

Boykin prepared his review and picture for today's book group session. He has thoroughly enjoyed David Solomons book My Brother is a Superhero . I've enjoyed reading it to him, it's funny and just perfect for 9 to 11yo boys who love comics. He gave it a googolplexianth out of 10 (complete with an explanation of what a googolplexianth is).

We called at one of the local charity shops on the way home which is having a closing down sale. Dangerous!! Actually, we were quite reserved and came home with only a dozen books, a game and a dibber between us. Last time we were in there, we came home with various bits of indoor exercising equipment which were well utilised by both while they were listening to me read today.

The Girl made lunch and finished cutting down a bush in the garden to make way for a new flower bed. We found an old birds nest in there which they we I thoroughly enjoyed investigating. It had been built around the twigs of the bush so that we had to cut the twigs out rather than just lifting the nest out. I haven't seen one like that before and would now like to know which kind of bird built it.

After all that, The Girl went to strings and Boykin went to play with his friend next door. I have no pictures to post. Tomorrow I will do better ;)

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