Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Blog? What blog?

Blimey! I tried to enter a giveaway on somebody else's page and discovered I needed a blog to enter it......guess what I discovered!!!!! I already have a blog!!!!!!! How crazy is that???? Seems like I've not used it for a couple of years (and then only twice!) but I've got one......I'd no idea. Teabag brain!!!
Anyway....I've been thinking of starting one so I might as well use this :0) It was fun to read over the old posts and see my boykin referred to as 'the baby'. He's a big, strapping 4 and a half now...with legs and bare summer knees. Bless him!
And the girl, well, what can I say about her. She's getting long :0)
We've just had a fab time in the Lake District in a Youth Hostel with my mum for a couple of days on our mini Beatrix Potter 'tour'. The youth hostel was absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!! How posh!! (Oooh, how do I add links?)

Even better, I worked out how to add the photo!!! Hooray! Will work out to add my own photos next :0)
Watch out for further installments of our lakeland adventure tomorrow when I upload my photos. Not doing it now cos I should be in bed and I've got to find the french that the girl has to learn for tomorrow.....

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