Monday, 15 June 2009

reviewing the review!!!!

I'm only just on recommendation 2 and I am laughing out loud at the sheer ridiculousness of it. These people are supposed to be making a decision on Home Educators and It's pretty obvious that they NOTHING about Home Education AT ALL!!!

In recomendation 1 (amongst other things) is this:

-At the time of registration parents/carers/guardians must provide a clear
statement of their educational approach, intent and desired/planned outcomes
for the child over the following twelve months.
-Guidance should be issued to support parents in this task with an opportunity to
meet local authority officers to discuss the planned approach to home education
and develop the plan before it is finalised. The plan should be finalised within
eight weeks of first registration.

I've been HEing for 17 years and 3 children so far. Each of my children are different. What I did with my eldest is not what I do with my 2 youngest. What I do this week may not be what I will do next week. Twelve months ago (or so) we discovered lapbooks. The kids loved making them and they learnt so much about the different projects we did with them. now my girl is bored of them. the novelty has worn off. At the moment, she likes having tasks presented to her in 'packets' every day. I'll go with this for as long as it holds her interest, for as long as sheis enjoying this method of learning. Then, I'll find a new way of doing it. Who knows how long this will go on for? I can't predict and neither can she.
My children learn about topics they are interested in. They learn about things that life throws in our path. Quite often this can be due to another HEer organising a trip somewhere. Recently we went to Jorvik and the Dig. I had had no intention of learning about viking swith my children just yet, but the trip looked interesting and so we read up a bit about them before we went.The visit further piqued their interest and so we learnt some more. We moved onto other things....and today I picked up a DVD of Beowulf from the poundshop - an animated version with Derek Jacobi and Ralph Fiennes - so we'll revisit Vikings.
Of course, we're really doing is learning about lions (the boy's requested that last week) and finishing up lots of bits and bobs from previous projects (frogs, dinosaurs, Beatrix Potter) as well as reinforcing literacy and numeracys skills and playing lots of games. Oh, and baking :0) Oh and lets not forget, body parts in French, taking part in a Renga chain (a sort of extended Haiku), reading about the Solar System...... etcetera etcetera etcetera
Could I have predicted any of this 12 months ago? No.

And as for finalising the plan in 8 WEEKS after deregistration!!!! Impossible. I read lots of books when the Eldest came out of school but it's only in the last 12 months that I've come across Charlotte Mason. Point being, there's always something new to learn.
They're asking more of us than they are of schools. teachers I know are complaining that their goalposts have recently been changed and they're having to take on new guidelines all the time. They're not given 12 months notice, why should we have to give that to the LA?

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