Tuesday, 23 June 2009

From what we'll do to what we did ;0)

This is an activity I got from the files of the MEP yahoo group. YOu can see something similar being used in the video of the method in action in Hungarian schools. I kind of extended it a little and got him to sort the shapes into colours first. When he'd done he took a photo of his finished activity.

The girl had spelling book in her box. I gave her the dictionary to use to help her. She wasn't very keen on the idea at first but we went at it together and she soon got the hang of it and enjoyed it..... for a while. I told her it would help her to get more words in Boggle and she was more interested then because it was useful to her :0)

Apart from that, we finished George's Secret Key to the Universe and started Varjak Paw. We had cousins and friends over to stay at the weekend to celebrate the new bedrooms. This involved lots and lots and lots of playing, followed by a huge tidy up, atrip to feed the ducks, play in the river and have icecream :0)

On Saturday, the girl went with Nana to the museum. The Cabinets of Curiosities project, which she took part in with other members of the local Home Ed group, was being opened to the public:) They met other groups that had taken part, did some craft activities and had afternoon tea - she was happy cos that meant cake :) She put in a collection of pencils and the boy added a collection of conkers and acorns :0)

All in all a lovely weekend :0)

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