Thursday, 11 June 2009

More Beatrix Potter...and I won!!!!!

Today we went to our Monthly HE meeting at the Scout Hut. This month's theme was Famous Dead People. We took Beatrix Potter. The girl worked very hard finishing all her pages for her book and making her first timeline. She was very proud of it.

When we got there, she arranged her table and display all by herself and laid out everything needed for people to do her activity.

She decided to do thaumotropes like she and her brother had already made. She explained to everyone how to do it and helped all the younger ones with the cutting out. She enjoyed herself immensely and was really pleased that she only had 6 left at the end of the morning. I forgot my camera (as usual :0( ) so it's thanks to Caroline for taking these photos for me :0)
The boy has decided that he wants to make a lapbook on Lions now and the girl has decided that she wants a month off projects thankyou very much!!! She'd like some 'packets' with activities in please. 6 a day to start with....I better go and get on with it ;0)

Here's a link to the pdf of the thaumotrope she made.

Oh, the other news today was that I won a prize that somebody from the HSS message boards was giving away on their blog :0) I got a free 6 month subscription to Bug Cafe....more word games!!!!!! :0D

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