Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Toys and tech

A busy day today.
Even thouh they went to bed late last night ,they always seem to wake up too early for me. Happy little bunnies tho' :)
We went to Dewsbury museum in Crow Nest Park. The sun was shining and it was WARM. Hurray!!!!
We met up with frtiends from the local HE group and my kids vanished off to play happily. The baby just mucks in with everyone else, up slides, fast on the roundabout, demanding his turn on the swing. Of course, when it's time to eat my girl is the only one not to come and sit down but carries on playing! Ah well....
We were there for a Workshop on Toys and Technology.It's really a KS1 level thing so I'm not sure how daunting it was for Grant, the museum bloke when he saw our 2 to 11yo group. He was really good, and remembered that they were HE when he was comparing the 1940s classroom with modern ones. Invariably, at some point, workshop leaders have to be reminded that they don't go to school. Nice one Grant :)
We all had fun playing with the traditonal toys:D I discovered I CAN hula-hoop...with a wooden hoop. I think the plastic ones are too light. DD was great on stilts, got her balance straight away. Everyone had a go at skittles and quoits, hobby horses, whip and top. Don't think anyone really succeeded with the metal hoops that you push along with a stick though.
We made thaumatropes = magic movement in Greek. Played with more toys. Compared old and new and basically had fun. Glad we went :)
DD also did her first public reading in one of the galleries, didn't know all the words but had such a good go and knew more than I thoughht. Chimming :D
After that, back home for swimming lesson. Playing spelling games in the car.
Lots of children round this evening. Post swimming fish & chips and a bun from my mum.
When they'd all left we played with the lego trainset fo a bit and read stories.
DD was reading a book to the babe for his story when he insisted it was his turn too. There he was, wee man, pointing his finger on the words and repeating what his big sis had said :) So cute!
More Rats of NIMH. Both enjoying the book. decided to wait till we've finished before getting the DVD from the library. Baby drew circles on the Magnadoodle while we read. Cosy :)

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