Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Where do i start? Blogs are strange things. Thoughts put down that someone else might read. Mmmmm....interesting.
ACTUALLY, THIS IS A HOME ED BLOG, BUT SEEING AS HOW hOME eD IS MORE OF A LIFE STYLE In ITSELF RATHER THAN JUST AN ASPECT OF LIFE, i SUPPOSE IT COULD all get a bit blurry. Oops! Just noticed I'd left caps lock on. Can't be bothered to go back and change it. Is there a button that will just change case of highlighted txt? There should be.
It's been a busy few days really. lots of children round here. Mostly schoolies, so it's later in the day stuff. Mind you, we've got 3 days of HE stuff this week to come yet, so It all balances out nicely.
Had a lovely day yesterday. Took the kids to Holmfirth. Did a colouring comp. Visited the library - nice to see the differences in local libraries. Spent ages in a toy shop. The staff were lovely. My dd is a very particular shopper, not easily impressed. The baby wanted to stay outside playing with the canal system they'd got set up out there. The shoplady took lots of time, showing dd different things she could afford with her pocket money. Loads more patience than me. In the end, she got some Fimo that had instructions to make doll food. Guess what she did today :) So lovely, she really enjoyed herself. Made the food then played with her family all afternoon.
I had to rig up a baby proof gate fastener too. Little man escaped up onto the main road and ran like Billy-o when he saw me coming. Not good. A very adventurous wee soul he is.
Well, that's the end of my first blog post. Not much to it really. It's late and I want to go to bed. Got ab early start tomorrow to a museum and I've still got about 8 portions of spag bog sauce to freeze yet!!!!!

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