Monday, 1 February 2010

Imbolc story walk

It's so lovely having some sunshine :0) Two glorious days in a row.
I've not had my camera with me this weekend so have no photos of our lovely walk yesterday exploring the last pockets of snow and ice on moorland crags. There were amazingly bulbous icicles, miniature glaciers for skating and tunnels created by melting water. And then, while looking for a Roman road, we discovered a hidden valley complete with stream and woodland. Beautiful! Both children walked happily for miles - and at a decent pace which makes a change. I can look forward to longer, more interesting and more varied walks now. Must remember the chocolate next time - for me that is ;0)
Today the went on the Imbolc story walk to celebrate the coming of Spring. The kids loved it. There was much running around with friends in woods, funny stories in folk-tale style,
a crow stilt walker

a dragon,

morris dancers,

and an ivy covered hoop to climb through.

It was all most wonderfully topped-off with soup, bread and a very essential cup of tea in a lovely warm room. Fab!!
Like I said, no camera, but one of my lovely friends took some photos for me. Thanks C. X

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