Sunday, 14 February 2010

Edison's Birthday Cake, Maths monsters and clay

A creative couple of days :0)
As it was Thomas Edison's birthday on Feb 11th and the BYFIAR manual gives a recipe for a birthday cake mentioned in Chapter 2 of our book, we baked a cake :0) It's an American recipe so the measurements were all given in cups. Luckily, I have a set of these that I got for about 20p in our local charity shop. It wasn't until afterward that I realised that we'd used US cups but UK teaspoons etc. Baking's not really my forte - I didn't know what a bundt tin was and I've never made icing like this before - eggs, sugar and water in a double boiler mixed with burnt sugar. It makes a hard set toffee flavoured icing. I thought making the icing a bit too dangerous for them what with all that melted sugar and it took ages because I don't have a handheld mixer. It worked well though and there was so much mixture we ended up with 2 cakes. They had a great time baking and the cake was lovely :0)

The boy got to make plastacene animals as part of his maths book. Of course, the girl had to make one too :0)

Then he made a monster....

We went to Construction Club on Friday. It's Home Ed group we don't often go to as it takes the best part of an hour to get there. This month the theme was buildinga group landscape from clay. The boy wanted to put the sunshine in as his contribution, so he made a pond with the sun's reflection in it :0D

The girl continued with her farm fixation and made teeny tiny people and animals to go with her farm buildings. It's her thumb in the picture to give some idea of scale.

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