Sunday, 7 February 2010

Committee debate

I finally managed to watch the Committee debate. Unfortunately, I found it difficult to hear what they all said but Caroline Flint MP (Labour) was quite easy to hear. She spoke against the Home Education part of the Bill, obviously having listened to one of her constituents. However, she toed the party line (as apparently she always does) and voted to keep this part of the Bill as it is. This was very disappointing and presumably happened because of the whips. (I read somewhere that there's a 3-line whip on it.) Maybe I'm wrong, but either the MP for Don Valley was lying in her speech and didn't actually agree with anything she was saying, or there's rather a big flaw in our political system whereby an MP can speak againt the party but then feel unable to vote against it. I'm not in Ms Flint's constituency, so I don't think anything I wrote to her would be acknowledged, but I'd really like to know why she voted how she did when she had so much to say against the CSF Bill.
This is what she said here.

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