Wednesday, 10 February 2010


We started out with maths and Thomas Edison for the girl. She's not very keen on writing but she wrote a short autobiography of the day she was born to tie in with Chapter 2 of our BYFIAR book. Next, she sewed the arm on to the sock doll she's making. It's looking very cute, small, bright pink and squidgy :0)

The small boy practised his name. He used letters I'd stencilled onto milk bottle lids in both lower and upper case - 'higher case' as he calls it :0) Then he found some words beginning with 'sh' on his slidy letter thing and wrote them down as part of his Scooby Doo lapbook (his request). 'Sh' for Shaggy.

They both went off to play with the moonsand that he got for his birthday. And then developed their sweeping up skills. Nice stuff but messy!

Unplanned and unexpectedly (DCSF please note how this would not fit into your proposals), they got out the girl's new weather station -also a birthday present. This seemed like a good time to get out a pack I'd bought last summer in a sale - you see, being a bargain hunter and a hoarder can come in useful ;0)

We spent most of the rest of the afternoon talking about clouds, reading complicated names, discussing thermometres, measuring systems and such like. We tried to make our own rainbows with water, a mirror and a torch but failed miserably. In the end, I resorted to spinning a crystal in the window - much more effective. Will try the rainbow experiment again - maybe we need a different kind of torch?
Making Rainbows:
1. Put a mirror inside a glass bowl at a 45 degree angle. (We used playdoh to fix it in one place)
2. Shine the torch straight down onto the mirror so that the light reflects back onto a wall.
3. Look at the rainbow on the wall.
We did it as per instructions but all we got was a white rectangle reflection. No rainbow :0(
However, all this weather talk set me off gardening - the first of the year. And look what I found under the old leaves and stalks :0) Yeeeay!

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