Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Catch up

Well, it seems like ages since I blogged anything and I'm trying to remember what we've been doing. Mainly, I think we've just been enjoying getting out of the house again after all the snow.
The girl has finished the Boxcar Children so now we have to compile all her pages together into a book. She's excited to start reading Thomas A. Edison and do the activities to go with it. Partly because he was a scientist and she's hoping to do lots of experiments and partly because he was Home Educated :0) She's enjoying doing BYFIAR. The Thomas Edison book looks good, it's part of the The Childhood of Famous American series. So far, I've not been able to find anything similar for famous British people (Britons?).

We've used the reproducibles from the back of the BYFIAR vol 1 manual to show where he lived. I found the map a little difficult as it's just a black outline and I'm not familiar with US geography, however, my daughter was able to add the Great Lakes from here.
They've had quite a few autonomous days recently that have involved building lots of Lego models, or sorting all the animals into a zoo that they've built using workboxes and building bricks. In fact, they've left some of the animals in their workboxes so they can do projects on them :0)
They've watched Muzzy and played games in french. They've both made themselves Neopets and the boy has had lots of fun on Poisson Rouge which has lots of lovely little animated activities that develop mouse skills with the opportunity of learning some French.
They've been to gym, Brownies, band, drama, swimming and choir as per. The girl is also enjoying listening to The Fearless Treasure by Noel Streatfield as well as reading as much Enid Blyton as she can get her hands on :0)

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