Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year !

We've still got lots of snow and more to come apparently. My kids are loving it and I'm loving the thermal insoles I finally got round to buying. No more chilblains for me aha!

Well, I'm glad xmas etc is over. It feels nice to know that we're going to be getting back into learning and doing all our HE group stuff. The political situation still looms heavily but life still goes on.... and has been going on even if I've not blogged about it ;0)

We've had a busy month but all the learning has been very practically based. We've read lots and watched lots and talked lots. They enjoyed reading the script of 'Peter Pan' by J.M. Barrie and watching the 2003 film in sections to compare the two. (Guess what my next assignment is! ) The girl has learnt how to light fires and make sure they stay in. They've both had lots of foreign language practice. I've started buying DVDs based on the other foreign languages they have on them - cartoons are especially good for this :0)

You can tell xmas is over when they get up on the first Sunday after New Year and ask for workboxes/start looking at their new project stuff. We had gym today, playing in the snow, friends for tea and Brownies. A gentle start to the New Year I think. I'll be loading workboxes tonight :0)

We keep a family diary in which we put in leaflets/fliers/photos of the things we do outside our home. It's always nice to look back on the various camping trips we've had, museum visits we've made, plays we've seen etc. This year I'm hoping to develop that idea with the girl so that she can keep her own diary in addition to the family one. The plan is to include traditional festivals, mainly British, and use it as a sort of nature journal too. We're also going to make a nature table - windowsill probably. That way the Wee Man can be involved too :0) Let's see how successsful it is :0)

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