Wednesday, 6 January 2010

snow, dogs and spuds.

Today the boy did nearly all his workboxes and the girl played. She quietly got up without disturbing me and built the Harry Potter lego trainset. It's one of those presents she got bought, used once or twice then forgot about. So while she was quietly engrossed, the boy did the MEP reception book lesson and made a paper dog :0)

We then read Mirette. We had lovely discussions about Bellini's feats and looked at compound words, which he remembered from Little Red Lighthouse. We used an activity from Homeschoolshare, practiced a bit of reading - he likes the 'oo' sound, being a ghost is fun ;0) Then we played a kind of pairs game to see what new and funny compound words we could invent.
Then, kind of to tie in with the FIAR book, we played colour pairs in French... and then played cars together. I'm not allowed to say ANY french words then even though the cars are picked based on the colours he knows. This is something we do regularly. He seems to like the familiarity of it.
He 'helped' his sister for a bit with the Lego and then we all went for a walk...Finally!!!! I got out of the house. 'Sfunny, but 24 hours inside feels like a week to me ;/ It was beautiful, but cold. Me and the boy are the same, cold fingers, cold toes, cold ears and cold thumbs. The girl on the other hand, ran around with no coat saying she was WARM!!!! Anyway, all in all, they had a lovely time. I'm such a wuss and hate the thought of slipping on some hidden icy patch but they ran off like like penguins, sliding everywhere.
We live in such a beautiful place :0)

Then guess what. Bedtime comes around and suddenly my two pumpkins decide they want to finish their boxes!!! Maths was a disaster with the girl. It's so DEFINITELY a morning subject. Joan of Arc went down better - she was born today in 1412. Then They did some potato printing that hadn't got done yesterday for the Boxcar Children.

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  1. Helen,
    Thanks so much for letting us know on HSS that you had pictuers of your winter fun on here. Beautiful!!! It looks like your dc had fun as well.