Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Plants by Post

Boykin's Beaver group did some fundraising with a seed catalogue. I ordered 3 tomato plants and they arrived today :0) They came in a little clear plastic box in a cardboard sleeve. The tiny plants weren't even in pots or anything. I was wondering how you could send a plant by post. I think I expected parcel post or interflora but they came with the usual postman and the letters.
Anyway, they're all planted up now in the living room window. I picked them because they are 'hundreds & thousands' which means we should get lots of incy wincy fruits :0) Can't wait!
3" high baby toms :0)
Other than that, we've had, in retrospect, a busy day. Maths first, then looking at the pictures in Miss Rumphius  before trying to paint lupins. The leaves proved quite tricky... for me at least but I think they enjoyed it. Boykin certainly enjoyed painting his hands all over yellow to be some Dr Who monster of his own making :0)
Then they watched an old Magic Key video while I made lunch, which became part of an ongoing Dora game they've been playing all week which has totally buried my dining room floor and is now starting to annoy me because of the state of the floor. I WANT to vac up. I do, I do!!!
They did manage to clear a space just big enough to fit in Boykin's new book Kraken Attack which The Girl read to him while I washed up. It's a lovely book and right up his street. It opens out into a 3D scene and has little paper characters and paper spaceships to act in it. (Thanks Mum). They spent an hour this afternoon listening to Torchwood  on Radio 4 whle filling in a Postman Pat sticker-type workbook and scratching a giraffe (see below) ;0). Then we had unexpected visitors which involved cups of tea, rabbits on leads and playing Dr Who. After that it was time for swimming, watching Hook, reading stories, supper and bed.

P.S. So glad I decided to add the link to the tomato plants, I've just seen what they're supposed to look like when they're grown. Think I might have to move them outside after all......

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