Friday, 6 May 2011

Morning Maths

Today was one of those days the kids really like when the MEP lesson plan gives them a chance to play with toys :) Actually, the lesson plans are designed for classroom use so they actually recommend using children. Fortunately, I don't have 9 or 18 children (imagine all the washing! Eek!) so we used action figures and dinosaurs instead :0)

Year 1, lesson 73 - making 9. And yes, he's in his pyjamas :0)

 Year 2, lesson 121 - dividing 18 and writing equations.
Year 1, lesson 74, q. 3 - using dinosaurs to work out the logic problem. In the book it's eggs on plates, dinosaurs, pots and number cards made it easier - and more fun - to solve. Each side ofthe triangle must add up to 9 without repeating any of the numbers.

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