Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Today was a maths free zone (almost)

The Girl has mostly been working on her personal cinema project which is to use blogger as a space to hold her topic on Walt Disney. She spent a lovely couple of hours designing her blog and writing her first post. It's a private blog so sorry, I won't be sharing it but I will share one item from it :0)
I've been learning a few bits about using blogger from her too. Mutual education - love it!
For our family cinema project, we watched another couple of episodes of Reel History of Britain and I learnt that my daughter is interested in the social history of the second half of the Twentieth Century but is bored by Edwardians. (Personally, I enjoyed it. It was all about films made by Mitchell and Kenyon that had been discovered in a shop cellar in Blackburn in 1994 about 90 years after they were made. They're so important that they've been declared a World Treasure. The people in them could go and watch themselves on screen for a penny or two in fairground sideshows later that same day. That must've been so exciting back then, I'm not surprised the people being filmed looked so happy.) I've just noticed that the Reel History series is being repeated again starting on the 11th so we'll be able to watch them all on iPlayer after all. Hooray!
We also watched a couple of Chaplin shorts that none of us reckoned much to and couldn't understand why he was considered so funny. Maybe we should just watch The Kid and Modern Times....
In and amongst this,  Boykin's new Doctor Who comic arrived so everything stopped for a while so he could read it and sort out his new collector cards. Later, while The Girl was still blogging, we started to read War Boy: A Country Childhood by Micheal Foreman. We didn't get very far into the book because we discussed different bombshelters, the weight of an incendiary bomb (2 bags of sugar and sneaky maths), looked at some replica cigarette cards from a Home Front pack we've got and looked at how close Lowestoft is to Holland on a map of Europe. He wants to make evacuee labels and a gas mask box - all nicely timed as we're going on a museum trip in a couple of weeks :0)

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