Saturday, 15 October 2011

National Schools Film Week and a half Pt 1

We went to our first NSFW film yesterday and went to another today. National Schools Film Week is an annual event in which schools can take children to the cinema for free. It is also available to Home Educators who can either book as a group or as individual families. There is a primary programme and a secondary programme and lots of cinemas take part. This year it's on for nearly 2 weeks - the earliest showing I found was on 11th Oct and the last is on 21st Oct. We're booked for 6 films this year. It's such a treat to go the pictures so many times in one week. Film Education also has pdf resources available for most of the films shown.
Yesterday we went to see Rio which we very much enjoyed. We discussed bird smuggling, animal poaching, endangered species, animal sanctuaries and street chldren.
Today we went to see A Turtle's Tale Another animated film about animal preservation with a strong environmental message about the effects of human activity on marine life. There were one or two bits that made us jump but the overall impression of the film was that the sea is a beautiful colourful place and that even though human activity causes lots of damage, there are people who try to help. It made me want to watch Finding Nemo again because of the turtles in that.

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