Wednesday, 7 September 2011

While the mice are away the cat will play...or how to make a blog button

Instead of going back to school or not back to school yesterday, mine went to Euro Disney with their Nana :0D
So while they're away I decided I'd do lots of useful stuff (like decorating and cleaning etc) but instead got inspired by this post (which was no use to me because it's for wordpress) and made this -

A lovely new blog button :0)

I used Photoshop Elements 5.0 to make my picture. (Good clear instructions on this blog.) That was the easy bit....

The hard part came trying to make a HTML code. I followed her instructions and they didn't work.
Here is what I did in the end -
1. Start a New Post
2. Click on Compose tab.
3. Click on photo in toll bar at top
4. Upload .jpg that you've created
5. Add it to New Post as normal
6. Right click on picture
7. Click on link in tool bar at top (next to photo icon)
8. Where it says 'Web Address' in edit Link box, type in blog URL - in my case
9. Switch to HTML view and Bob's your uncle - There's your HTML code for your very own blog button :0)
I didn't publish this post. It was just a means to getting a working HTML code and a place to store it.
If you want other people to be able to get the code for your blog button to put on their own sites ...
10. Scroll to the bottom of this post  to get the code at the end and follow the instructions.
11. Go to the design page of your blog, pick add a gadget, select HTML/Java script box and paste your code in to the box and save.
12. Stick it where you want on your blog :0)

I hope all that makes sense.

Go on, do me a favour and grab a button from the sidebar just to see if it works.
Cheers :0)


  1. That makes a lot of sense! Thanks so much. I linked from Jimmie's Collage.

  2. Button grabbed and will test it out, thank you for that and the ping back :D

  3. Julie - I'm so relieved it makes sense :0)
    Amy - thanks for testing it out for me :0)