Friday, 2 September 2011

Friday Fun

It's been a bit of an adventure for us all, but especially Boykin. He got to be in the audience for a CBeebies show, Justin's House with about 50 other HE children at MediacityUK. They got to see what it is really like making TV programmes, all the stopping and the starting for make-up and mistakes.

I've not been to Salford Quays before so had no idea how easy it is to get to from where we live. While he was inside the TV studio, me and The Girl spent an hour or so in the Imperial War Museum on a recce to see if it's worth a longer visit. It is :0)

City life is so different to village life. I always end up feeling like a right country bumpkin, wandering around getting all excited by the buildings.

Boykin's verdict on the show - "It's better than you think it's going to be". I think he was quite chuffed about the Daleks and tardis in the foyer too ;0) 

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