Monday, 12 September 2011

Not Back to School Picnic

We met up with 9 other Home Ed families today for our not-back-to-school picnic. It was very, very, very windy but fortunately, no-one got blown away :0)
The children (all 15 of them - not just mine) enjoyed playing in the new playground in Greenhead Park.

We were all very grateful for hot drinks made in two lovely Kelly Kettles. I'm so glad I have such organised friends :0)

I really enjoy the Not-Back-to-School picnic. Even though we HE year round, it's still a significant marker of the changing rhythm of our HE lives as public places become quieter and HE groups become more active.
It ties in nicely with Autumn's energy that, for me,  stirs up the desire to start new projects and prepare for winter. Time to teach my daughter to crochet I think :0)

The other event of the day was Boykin started Year 2 of MEP. He was getting so bored with the Year 1 work. Luckily for him, His older sister completed Year 1 some time ago so I had a pretty good idea of what was coming and I know he is more than capable of it. I also know that the first few eeks of Year 2 are really just revision of Year 1 so I had no qulams of moving him on a little. Consequently, he was so much happier to do his maths today and said he enjoyed it because it was a little bit more difficult for him and he likes things to be a bit hard :0) Time to challenge The Boy then :0)

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