Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Autumn Display by The Girl

Today we went to Story Circle - our local creative writing group. We looked at nouns, adjectives and verbs and the children made silly sentences and identified which bit of each was which. There were a couple of families missing so we decided to wait til next time to start a new pass-the-parcel story.
After that, we went to a meeting at Booksplus which is the warehouse where all the libray books are kept and where various resources live that go on loans to local schools. One of our local HE mums has done a great job in getting us access to this via our local LEA.
What a treasure trove!! I could have spent hours there, reading books, exploring boxes and investigating all the objects and artefacts that they have. I definitely feel like a bit of forward planning might be necessary to take full advatage of the stuff that is there.
In the end, we came away with two boxes and a NASA space suit for The Boy. One of the boxes was full of Autumn related things so when we got home, The Girl decided to make a display :0)
I'm really looking forward to going on some walks so they can add to this. The Girl thinks we should now do one for every season :0)
The other useful find today were 2 mini whiteboards from a pound shop. After The Girl had been using hers as a means to communicate silently, Boykin sat down and wrote his first unassisted sentence :0)
I love seeing his confidence develop - even though I know a day of silence would be impossible for anyone who lives in this house :0D This is the first time he's written anything without asking for spellings - although he did get help with 'talking'. In fact, it's been a day of seeing his progress with written words - he did most of his own reading at Story Circle this morning too. It feels like a big leap in our HE adventure. I can't wait to see what happens next :0)

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