Monday, 18 July 2011

Wet Day

Today has been a very watery day :0) We managed to get up and out of the house early enough to go swimming for a change. Woohoo!! We even did maths before we went (shock).
Then we got home and did a bit more work on their Harry Potter lapbook (this is a VERY long term project- we're only on chapter 3, and we started it last year sometime). The Girl added a pig minit book (from the pig lapbook at HSS) to our slowly growing collection and I helped Boykin make a paper overcoat to show all the things that Hagrid had in his pockets.
After lunch, we did some painting. We're using Artistic Pursuits Book 1. Today's work was inspired by the 1911 Marc Chagall painting, I and the Village. These are my children's imaginative interpretations of the village we live in :0)
Boykin's village-notice how the sweetshop towers above everything else

The Girl's village
They used 6B pencils, watercolour pencils and a paintbrush. My kids enjoy doing art so I knew this book would go down well. I like it though, not only because they are challenged to create a piece of art for themselves, but also because there are copies of famous artworks in each section that they have to look at and engage with as well as explanations of how artists work.
They needed a rest after all this hard work so they watched Pocohontas II before Beavers and Brownies while I made tea. Me and The Girl had a lovely time in between dropping Boykin off at Beavers and her having to go to Brownies. We went on a wet, muddy puddle hunt in our wellies :0D So glad it's been chucking it down all day - there was no-one about to see us tap-dancing in puddles and squishing in mud. Loadsafun :0)

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