Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fishfingers and custard

Yes. It's true. That's what Boykin had for his tea. In true massive-Dr-Who-fan style, complete with bowtie and sonic screwdriver, he had to try it. His verdict, too much custard makes the fish fingers taste funny :/ This is my son who is the FUSSIEST of eaters ever!!! I think I really do need to write to the BBC.

'Dear BBC,
Please can Dr Who eat some sensible food in at least one episode, something with cheese sauce or gravy would be helpful. Or a nice stew and dumplings, just so that my son will eat something other than cucumber and baked beans please.'

Not that he eats them together of course. And they certainly can't be touching each other. Oh no. Can't have that. Maybe I should apply to be a scriptwriter...... or an advisor.....or a dinner lady.

Other than strange menus, we've getting on pretty well despite it being school holidays. I don't mean that we've been getting on pretty well with each other - cos we always mostly sometimes do anyway :0) I mean, we've been getting on pretty well with learning stuff :0) They've started doing their maths every morning whilst birdwatching :0) I finally managed to clear the table so they can use it to work at again and I put some fat balls on the birdfeeder instead of the fancy seed holders.* The fancy seed holders were useless at attracting birds. I don't think I ever saw one single bird eat from them. The fat balls on the other hand are great :0) Not great for concentrating on the 7 times table, but great for getting a wider variety of birds into our garden.
Out came the binoculars and bird books, followed by great debates as to the identity of some birds whose plumages (plumage?) look (looks?) different to the pictures in the books - are they baby birds, teenage birds or adult males or females?
This evening we saw some new birds we've not seen in our garden before. We think they are long-tailed tits but if anyone 
knows otherwise, please let me know :0)

Sorry it's not a better picture. I'd love a good zoom lens :0)

*The table faces the window and the bird feeder is directly outside the window. I have been thinking of moving the feeder due to the lack of interest shown by the birds, thinking that it was too close to the house for their liking, but will now leave it where it is having discovered that the birds round here have a limited palate (like my son) and like cheap fat balls and not fancy seeds.

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