Friday, 15 July 2011

Busy Day

Phew! I'm quite glad it's over and am definitely looking forward to my bed. Yawn!
I got up to find Boykin watching Scooby Doo and The Girl reading her latest library book.
After breakfast, Boykin did maths
MEP Yr1b Ln 97, pt 2
It was a very enjoyable lesson, lots of mess and wetness and interesting questions about why water can bulge higher than the top of the cup (surface tension) and how many fingers can you stick in an extremely full pan before it spills over the side (displacement).
I had to put my car in the garage today so we had to leave some of the workbook section of the lesson until tomorrow. This meant that they had to change out of pyjamas before lunchtime (shock!) and lead onto a massive upset because his only white shrt is dirty and Doctor Who only wears white shirts. (I wonder if the BBC would extend their Dr Who wardrobe if I asked them nicely - maybe a pair of shorts or a t-shirt occasionally might help, lol). Anyway, after threatening reasoning with him, he finally left the house and enjoyed the walk back from the garage in the sunshine. All this time, The Girl was walking around singing along to her i-pod. A bit of deja vu for me, I remember my eldest doing the same thing with his walkman for years. How many times did I find I'd been talking to myself for ages? Ho hum!
We had some unexpected visitors just before lunch which was lovely. Good friends we've not seen for a while - 3 little boys, complete with small baby which kept The Girl happily entertained while me and their Mum had a cuppa and a catch-up in the kitchen :0)
Then it was time to pack a quick picnic and make our way to a Home Ed group visit to go on a boat trip into a canal tunnel. (Sorry, no photos, I forgot to take my camera :0( ) The kids got a good chance to play in the playground afterwards and burn off some energy. Not that mine had much to spare. It's the end of the school term next week and so the choir they're in had it's end of year concert tonight and The Girl's drama group had it's end of year play. We were so late home, they both tumbled straight into bed after supper with no story or anything. Bless them!

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