Thursday, 6 January 2011

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, we started Story of the World. I think we're going to like it - me and The Girl anyway :) Boykin found it hard to listen even though the sections are short - about 2 and a half pages - and the style is accessible for children. The first section looks at what history is and the textmakes it easy for a child to understand. In the activity book, there are a couple of review questions and a narration question for each section. And then there are hands on activities and all the printables you need. As always, I slightly adapted the suggested activities which were to do with personal timelines and family trees. I got out their All About Me lapbooks from 4 years ago, an old 2006 pocket diary, the Grandfather's Wisdom lapbook that the Girl did and then all the family tree research I did when my oldest was little and went to school and I had free time and could do adult ed classes :) It was lovely spending time looking at these things and sharing memories. I'm really looking forward to the next section which is about Archeaology :)

These were some of our first lapbooks. They contain a timeline already. The Girl adapted the paper figure in the middle and added internal organs and a skeleton :)

Boykin still loves the same things he did four years ago :) Only the face of The Doctor has changed ;) They really enjoyed looking at their pasts and seeing what was different and what wasn't.

Today was full, maths, french group, games, swimming, choir. Lots of toing and froing. Tomorrow is our local HE group social meeting. We're going to play boardgames we got for christmas :) Don't let all these out of the house activities fool you - The Timetable's still in place :)

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