Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Year, new ideas

Well, the biggest new idea so far this year (yes, I know we're only 4 days in) has come from The Girl who has decided that she wants a timetable. This is something I've always avoided and never thought would be in place in this house but there you go. Anyway, she drew up her timetable complete with start and finish times for all her different subjects. I limited her to mornings for the more academic stuff and kept afternoons free for the stuff that she sees as being more fun.

She was actually very sensible about it and put maths first every morning, 6 days a week! Yes, her timetable runs Monday to Saturday. Other things included on it are French (daily), cornet practise (daily), English workbook, BYFIAR, science, SOTW for history, lapbook of her choice and time to prepare for the various HE groups we go to. The afternoons include music, BBC schools radio programmes, art, craft, nature walks and a trip - even if it's only to the swimming baths.

I'm pleased with her choices because some of these things are ongoing and seemed almost to have reached a standstill - BYFIAR and Mega English - while others were becoming a chore - French, mainly because of the homework for the French group we belong to where we use the Galore Park text book. She's not a bad little cornet player but doesn't like practising but now does it happily. Well, we've only been using this new timetable for 2 days so far, so we'll see how it goes :) It's also allowed me to introduce some new things like the The Story of the World: Ancient Times for history. I don't really know much about the Ancient World so it'll be interesting for all of us and I really like the look of the  Activity Book . Fingers crossed that this goes down well.

The first lapbook she wants to do is on Harry Potter and I'm sure I'll find plenty of ideas online :) This is going to be a joint project between the two of them so, hopefully, we'll have some fun and learn something along the way :)

She was trying to convince Boykin to have his own timetable too, but I think I'll stick to workboxes for him just now. She was so taken up with her new idea that I think she was planning on dropping all the groups we go to just to be able to stick to it! Luckily, I managed to convince her not to when she realised that most things happen once a month and pretty much on different days. Phew! I think I'd go mad if I had to stay in the house all week....

Well, I best go to bed. She's set her alarm for 8.30 for breakfast. At least it will all help in my New Year's Resolution to be on time for all our morning groups ;)

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