Friday, 21 January 2011

A weeks worth of posts in one

It's been a busy week here, (it was last week too but I kept forgetting my camera and never got round to posting - hmmm!). When we are at home in the mornings, we've been keeping to the Girl's timetable which is pleasing her very much. Surprisingly, it makes the day feel to be bigger. I feel like we've done a full day by lunchtime but there's always plenty of time left to do other things :) I have to admit that none of her afternoon timetabled activities have happened yet, but that's always because she gets engrossed in something else - usually playing with her brother :)
This week we had 3 Home Ed groups to go to. Story Circle on Tuesday morning and in the afternoon we all went 10-pin bowling:) The local bowling alley have given us a reduced rate of £2 each per game. It makes it really affordable and means we now have a new monthly activity to add to our already full list. Luckily, it's in the afternoon so it doesn't interfere too much with The Girl's timetable :)
On Thursday, we went to French Group. We're learning to tell the time and I found a really useful site where you can create your own flashcards:)
Other things we've done this week that we do nearly every week- have friends for tea, visit cousins, go to choir, brownies, swimming lessons and band.
New and unusual things we've done this week-
1. We created an archaeological dig in the sandpit for The Story of the World;

(They had a whale of a time playing this game. They were pretending to be archaeologists 3,000 years in the future making discoveries about our lives :) They had flying pink cars, strange accents and some very funny ideas what things were for :D)

2. Boykin swam for the first time without armbands :) He was so chuffed :) And I was amazed. He's only had 2 lessons so far. His confidence has just leapt forward. He only puts his feet down because he can't keep his head above water yet and it's the only way he can breathe!

3. We got pet rabbits. Two of them. Beauty and Jessica. The Girl is over the moon and is doing a good job of caring for them with a little bit of help from Boykin and me. I hope she keeps it up :)

4. And finally and very happily, we spotted a sign of Spring. Hurray!!!!!

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