Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wet Wednesday

We are wusses. A bit of rain and we ducked out of camping on top of Filey Brigg. We did however, brave the elements and join some of our HE and non-HE friends on Filey Beach for a fossil hunt.
 We were accompanied by two local experts who identified every fossil, rock and bit of beach glass for the children - and adults.
I found a bit of ammonite, a couple of bits of shells fossils and a piece of chalk. The latter made me very happy as it tied in so well with a project we are working on.
The Girl went off to catch crabs with some other children and Boykin was fascinated by a large dead bird he found on the edge of the sea. 
And one of the dads earned everyone's gratitude when he fired up his  Kelly Kettle and brewed us all some tea :)
 After standing in the drizzle for the best part of two hours, we decided it was time to get warm and dry. We waved goodbye to our friends and took my mum to the Filey Museum. It's a very small museum, but it has some interesting exhibits and the chance to handle some real artefacts. The Girl enjoyed tidying the doll's house and they both enjoyed brass rubbing but I think it was the old fashioned working till that really grabbed their attention.
 The bloke who was working there that afternoon was very friendly and told us lots of stories about how his grandma did the washing with the posser and dolly tub. It's well worth a visit and only costs £2.50 per adult. Children are free.

We got even wetter when we came out of there as it had started raining more heavily. We walked to the park and down to the front where we realised, by the clock at the RNLI station, it was high tide. We shivered and got splashed by waves and observed how they moved and changed and crashed against and through each other. A great follow up to the work we did on waves when we tested Picture Book Explorers - The Mousehole Cat. I love it when life links into topics, adding to and building on their knowledge :)

We ended the day with fish and chips - as is only right and proper at the seaside. The fish was gorgeous and is caught locally. I think the shop was called CJ's and was just at the top of the road up from the front. We were drip wet through by the time we got back to the car. A good but tiring day. So glad we didn't camp ;)
 Ooh, and we saw newts too :)

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