Sunday, 11 May 2014

Saturday Snippets...

...on Sunday ;)
I'm joining in with a linky from the Liveotherwise blog, so these are for yesterday, even though I'm posting today :)

Watching: Sweet Charity because we really weren't in the mood for Warhorse. The Girl decided it had a rubbish ending but we all loved the 60s dance sequences especially 'The Rhythm of Life' with Sammy Davis Jr.

Reading: Our Island Story to them because I'm determined to get to the end and Wombling Free to myself whilst watching Sweet Charity (cos I've seen it a few times before and I want to know if the book's worth reading to them).

Cleaning: The tea caddy shelf in the kitchen which has the spice trays under it. Jobs a good 'un :)

Shopping: Mainly at a local table-top sale. I got a fab new bread-maker and managed to restrain myself from buying anything else.

Cooking: Sainsbury's ready-made curries cos it's our Saturday night treat and it means I don't have to wash up on Sunday :)

Feeling: Tired from an exhausting week which started out with a deadline to meet for this, included three separate Home Ed activities on three days running and a day of baking followed by doing a stall at the table-top sale. Proud of my gorgeous and generous children who raised money with some of their friends by organising a cake stall to raise money for Kimbilio, a street children project in the Congo.

Snapshot: The Girl is thinking about what IGCSEs to take and is building up her essay writing skills, slowly but surely. Boykin is full of energy and is delighted with the new trampoline and is forever leaping on and off things. Parkour has really developed his confidence in his physical abilities.

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  1. Our. Island Story is our next bedtime read and I can't wait. I am jealous of the readu made curry - I haven't had one for ages and I am bored to death of cooking. I think that's a plan for us next Satruday for sure.