Friday, 9 May 2014

Bradford Cathedral

We went on a Home Ed workshop trip to Bradford Cathedral. It is a beautiful building with a very long history, there's even a fragment of the original Anglo-Saxon cross in the wall.
The staff were lovely, friendly and knowledgeable. The activities were interesting and we all learned lots.

The Girl was interested in the Queen's Maundy Thursday in 1997. This lead to discussions about Maundy money and the difference between a Cathedral and an parish church.
Boykin was most impressed by a hand-carved cross in one of the side chapels, it being the craftsman's first ever piece of carving. He's been telling everyone the story of the little bird on the handlebars of the wheelchair, included by the artist in memory of a member of the congregation who died while the work was in progress.

I was interested to learn that Bradford was 'waste' in the times of the Doomsday Book and that during the Civil War there had been a siege and the tower of the Cathedral had been protected by wrapping it in woolpacks.
There's currently an exhibition on about William Morris windows. The cathedral has one but my camera ran out of battery before I could take a photo so this is from one of the exhibition panels.

It's definitely well-worth a visit.

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