Saturday, 15 September 2012

Not Back to School :D

Blimey! Summer has flown by. Not that there was much summery weather mind you, not round here anyway.
Needless to say, we've been busy this summer. We've had friends to stay, been camping, dealt with a broken computer (still dodgy), done some walking, visited the Forbidden Corner and been to London. In and amongst it all, we did some maths, a bit of art, lots of crafts and we even managed to row Andy and the Lion which coincidentally finished just as a circus came to town, which we just had to go and see :)
Now that September has started, temperatures have dropped and all their groups and activities are back on. And don't I just know it!!! it's been a very, VERY busy week :)
It's been one of those weeks when we've been to a Home Ed group every single day.For some reason, I have a dearth of photographic evidence for most of it so you'll just have to take my (written) word for it.
Monday, we went to a Not-Back-To-School Picnic in a local park and met lots of new families, some new to Home Ed and some just new to me :) It was cold but fun.
Tuesday, we got back to our usual maths. (We use MEP but we've been exploring The I Hate Mathematics! Book and Number Puzzles .) We then made a Pandora's Box to take to book group where we've been reading Greek Mythology over the summer - or rather, we were supposed to be......
Wednesday was our local themed session where we were looking at Ice Age/Stone Age life. Oooh!! i have photos to prove it ;)

Mixing 'pigment'
Cave painting
Knapped flint....from Ohio

Not quite rock cakes, more like slate cakes ;)
They both painted a cave and knapped some flint. Agent X (aka The Boy) also got very wet playing out in the rain and Agent M (aka The Girl) made some clay beads and read stories to a gaggle of littler girls. (Guess who's got into all things spylike this summer.)
Thursday, we went to our regular Home Ed martial arts group, where they've both started working towards gradings.
Friday -today- they went to a climbing group. Phew!!!
I'm really looking forward to a quieter week at home next week :) Not that I'm complaining mind, it's been lovely to see people and catch up with folk. I just need to recharge my batteries a little after all that hecticness :)


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