Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Currclick Olympic Sale & Freebies


Currclick are giving away 12 country projects as part of their Olympic sale which lasts for another 23 days and 12 hours :)

Hidden on the site are 12 different products including lapbooks, notebooking pages and unit studies. If you want to go and hunt for yourself, read no further.....but if like me, you want some help, look below :)

Each country unit can be found by clicking on the specified links on the Currclick website. Search each page carefully for an Olympic torch - some are in the side margins halfway down.
Good hunting :)

1. Ancient Greece - Follow your Favourites
2. Star Spangled Banner matching cards - Summer Olympics sale page
3. Country Report Starter - Account Information - Classes & clubs
4. Learn a Romanian Folk Dance - About Currclick
5. Africa Speedy lapbook - Product Reviews
6. Asia Speedy Lapbook - Home Page
7. New Zealand Unit - Our Latest Currclick Live Newsletter
8. Greece Unit - Quick Start Guide - How Do I Begin?
9. My Favourite Country Lapbook - Top 100 Products
10. Australia Notebooking Pages - type 'london' (all lowercase) in the search box
11. UK study - -Free Stuff page 2
12. Canada - Live Classes - Free clubs

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