Sunday, 5 September 2010

Not-back-to-school picnic

After all the wet weather we've had during the summer, it was nice to have some sunshine :) Nicely timed for our local not-back-to-school picnic. It was lovely to reconnect with our Home Ed friends that we see very little of during the school holidays. This is partly because lots of families go away, most organised Home Ed stuff stops and we like to catch up with our schooled family and friends during the weeks they are available to play during the day.

We had a lovely afternoon and the kids all enjoyed playing together and setting up camp in one corner of the playground. The Girl was starving by the time we left - she was too busy playing to eat.
For me, the best bit was the Kelly Kettle that on of the dads brought. The older boys enjoyed collecting twigs and feeding the minute fire that boils the water and I really relished having a proper cup of tea in the park :)

Kelly Kettle 2 1/2 Pint
- a great little device that boils water really quickly only using a few twigs.

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