Thursday, 9 September 2010

And we're off....

I loaded workboxes on Sunday evening and was all fired up ready to go on Monday had otherplans. The Girl was very, very, very sick on Sunday night - all over the bathroom floor. Yuk! So we all camped together in the living room (the bucket was easier to reach from the sofa than from her high bed) and woke up tired and a little less enthusiastic than I would've liked.
Obviously, the Girl got let off maths and work-type stuff in general but made a speedy recovery in time to go to her friends house for pre-Brownie tea, playing and Brownies. Short illnesses are the best kind of illnesses I think, what with me being a rubbish nurse, having no patience for patients and hating having to stay indoors for more than 24 hours.
Boykin, on the other hand, did workboxes this week. He didn't manage all 6 but enjoyed what he did. He did lots of maths cos he was so close to the end of the Reception year book. (He finished it today and is eager to start his new Yr 1 book tomorrow).
Then we played a game he got for Christmas from his very big Bro called Kids of Carcassonne Board Game.It's a nice game with wooden pieces and thick cards that calls for tactical thinking to win. Boykin, however, prefers to play it co-operatively and help everyone else win too :)
We also started his new FIAR book - Down Down the Mountain by Ellis Credle. By the time the Girl had recovered on Tuesday she was reading it very expressively to him too. We're doing a lapbook so I'll post more about that when we've finished it. So far he's enjoying the activities and the story. Hurray!

The Girl has started more slowly and has done only a little maths. She's far too busy doing her own thing at the minute, which, as long as it's not in front of a screen I'm not too bothered about. She's taken an interest in cooking lately which is really fun for us both. She's also spending lots of time reading, drawing and making things. I've read the next Thomas Edison chapter to her and hopefully we'll get on with some of the activities tomorrow. (Yes, I know we've been doing this BYFIAR title for ages but summer has been busy.) She also got her grade 4 swimming badge this week which is very good news.
All in all, it's been a gentle start back into our not-school year. Other things we've done this week so far - games day with local Home Ed group; drama; swimming; choir; brass band; start reading new book group book The Weirdstone of Brisingamen. Let's see what happens tomorrow :)

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