Saturday, 25 September 2010

Down Down the Mountain

Last week we rowed Down Down the Mountain by Ellis Credle. It's quite a long story about two children growing up in the Appalachian Mountains. They want some squeaky, creaky shoes and try to earn the money to buy them by growing turnips. It's a familiar plotline with the characters almost missing out through there own generosity. In the end, of course, they are justly rewarded and return home happily. Boykin enjoyed listening to it every day and his sister enjoyed reading it to him too.

We had a lot of fun with it but I think Boykin's most favourite part was the maths lesson which meant playing shops. They used real food, weighing scales and real money. Great fun! The girl loved it to :)

It proved a good opportunity to get the sandpaper letters out and do some spelling/reading practice.

Boykin made a lapbook.

Boykin's turnip picture - note the curly tail that twists around the stones in the ground :)

We ate turnips - which Boykin hated - and Polenta. Polenta is the nearest thing I could get to corn bread. Nobody seems to sell cornmeal flour around here. The Girl enjoyed it but again Boykin wasn't too keen :(

Just for fun :)

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