Friday, 4 June 2010


I was going to post last night and then my computer decided to s-l-o-w right down to a stop so I had to wait til today. it takes so long to start up that it wasn't worth it last night and I needed some sleep. It's not like there's owt urgent to post anyway... :)

We had a very nice day yesterday. The Girl got up and did her French translation homework before French group, and The Boy woke up full of the joys of spring :) We went out without breakfast because todays French lesson was all about le petit dejeuner and we went for the hands-on experiential approach and had a lovely petit dejeuner en classe.

The children all really enjoyed the croissants, pain au chocolat and tartines dipped in hot chocolate. If you don't know (I didn't) une tartine is a bit of bread and jam or bread and chocolate spread. A couple of the girls said they felt a bit sick afterwards for some reason.....

It was a lovely morning and made me determined to practice more with my kiddos at home. We speak odd bits of french in a kind of immersion approach but surprisingly, they don't seem to be able to apply what they do at home to what they do at french group. Anyway, besides all that, The Girl got up today and decided that we are having a french day starting with le petit dejeuner albeit on a smaller scale. She keeeps surprising me with new little phrases from her French (AA Phrase Books for Kids):) Loving it!
Oh, we also played pairs yesterday with some food vocab cards from First French with Superchat (Book & CD) (Book & CD) which I bought a while ago and we use a lot. We played the same game again today so hopefully some more vocab will go in.

Right now, I have one small child doing maths...

...and one running around sweltering playing at being Dr Who complete with long trousers, bow tie and jacket!

I think it's going to be a  good day :D

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