Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Elements Exhibition

Today we went to Leeds City Museum. It's the first time we've been but we'll definitely have to go back again. There looks like there's lots to do and see. Today we met up with LOTS of other Home Ed families to go to the special exhibition - Dr Rocks Lost Gallery.

We didn't really have enough time to explore the gallery properly because we had to get back for the Girl's drama group. And my two seemed much more interested in counting the pet rocks and drawing than looking closely at the exhibits.

However, they really liked the films of different objects being blended.
The Boy and two friends enjoyed the animal, vegetable or mineral quiz which had some surprising answers. I always thought plastic was a mineral but according to Dr Rocks it's a vegetable because it comes from fossilised plants.

The Boy was very excited to meet Dr Rocks himself and ask him lots of questions. He was particularly pleased to find out what the globe represented - the moon :)
Here they are at the end of the day, coming home on the train. Th Girl was reading about D-Day landings in her Discovery  Box magazine that came today. 

After that they went to drama and a friends house and another friend came here to play. When there was just us again, they watched The Rescuers [DVD] [1977], listened to another chapter of  Tunnels (Tunnels 1) and went to bed. Now, I'm going to get ready for tomorrow's local group meeting and laminate...lots!

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