Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Relief :0)

They chucked Clause 26 out of the CSF Bill today!!!! Yippee! All the Home Ed stuff has been binned in the wash-up - that's the bit just before a general election where the different parties negotiate what's going to be kept in (or out) of pending legislation.
There will be a collective toast tonight at 9.30 to celebrate :0) Let's raise a glass! :0D
So many people have been working really hard to get this result. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou from the very utmost bottom of my heart :0) I knew it was a worry to me, but the beautiful sense of relief and elation I'm feeling right now makes me realised just how really frightening it has been.
Mind you, there's been some positives- like learning how Parliament operates and 'meeting' lots of other HEers all over the country and the world. And my eldest can now breathe a sigh of relief because I'll be able  talk about something else for a change ;0)


  1. Yes Yipee, long may they leave us alone!

  2. we celebrated by doing hosting an impromptu arts and crafts session in a local cafe and inviting everyone we knew (and other random children who just happened to be there at the time) It was very well recieved even by the cafe owners - I was expecting some problems when I started pulling PVA out of my bag