Saturday, 17 April 2010

If Not School Curriculum Clearout

curriculum v I'm taking part in the curriculum giveaway at If Not School?
I have these books to give away.
The Early Years photocopy masters is totally unused and in excellent new condition.
The Basic Skills workbook is also unmarked but has been unstapled at some point.
There are actually 4 Supermaths books on offer - books 2-5 - book 1 got left out in the rain unfortunately. These are well used and the number cards are gone from one book. This doesn't really matter as there are number cards in all the other books that could easily be used instead. They were very much enjoyed by The Girl but are still in pretty good nick. These books are offered as one lot. (Supermaths: Bk.1 is really cheap on Amazon)
If you want any of these books please leave a comment saying which you'd like and I'll do a draw on April 30th  using :0)
I can post to UK ONLY. 


  1. oo lovely thank you, i haven't any "curriculum" books yet, mine are 3 and 4 would be happy if you could put me in any draw you think, thank you :-) XX

  2. Hi I'd be interested in the Early Years worksheets book or the basic skills

    Thanks Sarah

  3. If its not to cheeky I would love to be considered for your early years worksheets.

    I am/soon to be home educating my soon to be 3 year old, soon to be 2 year old who has decided that she wants to work alone writing her letters (I wish I knew how she had learnt them lol) and my 8 month old.

    Naomi Lever suggested your blog to me and I look forward to reading it


  4. ThreeBeesSchoolSunday, 18 April, 2010

    What a wonderful way to 'meet' other home educating families in the UK!
    Could you enter us for the supermaths books.

  5. Thank you for offering these. May I be entered into the draw for each book? Thanks.

  6. Please enter me in the draw for the Early Years Worksheets. Thank you.

  7. I would love to be entered for early years worksheets. Thanks Kirsty x

  8. Hi there, I'd love to be entered for the Super Maths book please :0)