Monday, 22 March 2010

Three Names Lapbook

Waheey!! I got my camera back :0)
This is The Boy's Three Names Lapbook. He finished it last week. We had a lot of fun doing the lessons in the FIAR manual and added a couple of our own. It's quite a long story so he didn't want me to read it every day. I just reread the necessary pages to him and he enjoyed looking at the pictures and recapping the story. I think the bit he enjoyed the most was learning about tornadoes. It started hailing today and he looked really excited asking if there was going to be one.
Anyway, here are the photos :0) Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of them pretending to be a tornado.

This is our tumble weed substitute.......being blown across the 'prairie' by a hair dryer

These are our pet tornadoes
Instructions at
Instructions at

Here is his lapbook. Readymade minibooks from HSS, others by Boykin.

These are the books we used

Other things to buy
Resurrection Plant


  1. Great job! I love it- especially the self-created minit books!

  2. That looks great, Helen!!

  3. now i want to do those things too. all my three want to do right now is read. tsk. they want to make tornadoes in jars, they just don't know it yet.

  4. THanks for taking the time to look :0)
    I love his little mini book the best too Rachel. I think his writing is th best...not that I'm biassed in any way. The printed ones are very useful to us too though cos I have no idea what wildlife there is on a Prairie...
    Glad you like it Candace. It was fun :0)
    Grit, I was the one jumping up and down in the kitchen cos the science experiment worked. Yes!!! We made a tornado in a bottle. I was well chuffed. It's pretty cool that it's a PET tornado - hopefully it will satisfy my DD's longing for a pet of the animal kind.... ;0)